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As a new mum, I’ve found weaning my baby one of the biggest challenges of all. It’s so confusing, and there’s so much contradictory information out there. Every baby book I have, and every baby website I’ve looked at, has some useful information but never enough and never all in one place. Questions like, when to wean? What to give? How much to give?¬†What to avoid? When to go lumpy, how to decrease milk, how to give a varied diet, how to deal with a fussy eater, what to do about snacks? Argh! Who has the time to read it all and cook up recipes that sometimes seem as complicated as a posh dinner for six adults. And my friends seem to feel the same way. This is why we’ve started Baby Meals.

We think you should bookmark Baby Meals because

  • there’s too much information everywhere. Here you’ll find it all in one place.
  • a lot of professional baby recipes are far too complicated for a busy mum so we’ve simplified them
  • heading into the world of solid food can be so stressful, especially if your child is a tricky eater, but we won’t let you ever feel alone.
  • opinions on what’s good and not good change almost daily and we’re always bang up to date
  • we believe in healthy eating from the start to give our babies the best beginning in life.
  • we also believe in making our own food instead of buying un-eco-friendly packaged food (that said, we’re definitely not against the odd bit of convenience food if it’s healthy).
  • we know budgets aren’t limitless.
  • we’ll never forget about special cases such as allergies and premature/underweight babies.
  • we want to share ideas, tips, recipes and advice with mums like you.


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