12 reasons to breast feed

  1. The best possible start in life for your child, providing protection against infections and disease – even if you only manage a couple of days it will boost your babies immunities
  2. It will protect you, the mum, from diseases such as ovarian and breast cancer, plus prevent you from having weak bones in later life
  3. It helps your uterus to contract more quickly after birth.
  4. You lose the baby weight faster (breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories a day!)
  5. It’s cheaper!
  6. It’s far less hassle. There’s no need for sterilising, boiling and cooling water, measuring out milk powder, and you can travel around without the extra baggage of bottles (6 a day in the early weeks).
  7. It helps you bond with your baby, and can give you some very calm and precious moments with them.
  8. Environmentally friendly – no waste, no packaging, no energy used (apart from yours) in the making of the milk.
  9. Baby won’t overfeed – they just take what they need. So that’s one less thing to worry about then.
  10. Breasts are like thermometers: when it’s hot, they automatically produce more thirst quenching milk for your baby. Another thing not to worry about.
  11. If you express milk, you can have the best of both: freedom of the bottle and the benefits of breast milk.
  12. Breast feeding is the most natural thing in the world for a baby. Why give them cow’s milk (as formula) when they can have human milk from mum?


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