Tomato and hidden veg sauce with pasta

One tin of chopped tomatoes
1 clove garlic
One small tin of sweet corn
teaspoon of olive oil
one small onion
Half a mug of frozen peas
Half a mug of chopped carrot
Half a mug of broccoli florrets
Teaspoon of dried basil
Mug of small pasta

1. chop onion and garlic and place in saucepan with oil over medium heat
2. Stir onion until almost see through then add chopped tomatoes
3. Add chopped carrots, broccoli and sweet corn.
4. Pour some just boiled water over frozen pea in mug, just covering them. Wait a few minutes while peas defrost then pour water and peas into tomatoe and veg sauce
5. Let sauce bubble for 10 minutes then turn to a simmer and add dried basil. Simmer for about 20 minutes or until carrot is soft (once carrot is cooked all the other veg will be too)
6. Add boiled water to another saucepan and cook pasta as per packet instructions.

Once sauce is ready take off heat and semi puree (doesn’t need to be totally smooth). Add pasta and process a little more (depending on how big the pasta is to begin with) and let you little one enjoy. There should be at least 8-10 little meals here to freeze (or keep a couple in the fridge for a couple of days).

Variation: Great stirred into Basmati rice, with white poached fish or even baked potato

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