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Squishy Snak Pak

We love these. Special containers to transport and store your homemade purees and babyfood just like some of the logoshop brands, Ella and Plum baby (but actually so much better, and cheaper!). These pouches can be filled from the bottom and the food taken from the top, and are so squishy they’ll even fit into a pocket (maybe not a back trouser pocket though). Shops to US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Go to for more information.

Abel and Cole abelcoleheader

We don’t just like Abel and Cole, organic fruit and veg deliveries to your door, we LOVE them. From the actual boxes, to the communications (which don’t fail to make us feel warm and fuzzy), it may seem like an indulgence to have fruit and veg delivered to your door but if you work out how many meals you get out of a box, it’s actually very reasonable. And it’s fresh, generally local, and organic. All good things when feeding your precious family. There are a few other fruit and veg delivery services out there but Abel and Cole is the most friendly, and the easiest to use. If you don’t want something you have the opportunity to change it – unlike the others. You have a list of dislikes so you don’t end up with 3 cabbages rotting in your fridge when you can’t stand the stuff! And they’re not too repetitive. Obviously everything is seasonal so there’s always a little repetition. And the best thing about Abel and Cole, and fruit/veg delivery as a whole, is that you end up cooking things you wouldn’t necessarily cook with usually. A must if you’re serious about cooking fresh, delicious food for your children.

Tidy Trays Tidy Trays jpeg

On a trip up North recently, we had the opportunity to try out this nifty and innovative new Baby product. It’s basically a fold out tray cover which will fit all  high chair and restaurant trays which may not have seen a clean cloth for a while (and even those that have!). It helps to protect your child from bugs and germs you’d rather they didn’t pick up, including the H1N1 virus which is commonly found on eating trays. It will give you reassurance if your child has any kind of severe food allergy, such as nuts, as using a Tidy Tray will decrease the risk of cross contamination occurring.

Personally, I believe that a few germs are good for children, but when you’re traveling about, you and your family are more exposed to different kinds germs, especially in airports, train stations and service stations, and the last thing you want is a sick child when you’re away from home. It’s small enough to tuck into a change/day bag so it’s not going to cause packing issuess, and our little one enjoyed putting his sippy cup into the little holder, which is also the storage pouch.

I think if either of my kids had an immune deficiency illness, or a bad food allergy, I would definitely carry this around where ever we went and as it is, it’s a great investment for those holidays and weekend trips. Just don’t forget to wash it once you’re home!

Tidy Trays are available online at at a cost of £14.99 (with free postage and packing).


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