12 months onwards

Learning to chew and feed themselves

The main aim of step by step weaning is to get your baby onto regular meals is so they can eat what the rest of the family eat.

  • By 12 months your baby should be eating 3 regular meals a day with occasional healthy snacks and should be happy eating a variety of different foods and textures.
  • They should still be having at least 400ml of milk a day and from 12 months they can start drinking cows milk* – preferably full fat as toddlers still need the calories.
  • You can now give your baby most foods (unless there’s an allergy in the family to a particular food group such as nuts)
  • You can also give them honey now – which is great as it’s much healthier than sugar and has some great immune boosting properties.
  • Soups and pasta sauces are an ideal and tasty way of giving your baby veg without them realising it
  • Your baby may be on their feet now and using up a lot of energy so their appetite might grow quite quickly.

ToddlerUp to 12 months most babies will try almost anything you offer them. From about 12 months on you enter toddler-hood and with it a fast developing personality bringing with it fussiness and strange likes and dislikes. Not eating green vegetables is quite common, only eating smooth yogurt (ie no lumps), only eating cheese… for breakfast lunch and dinner! It’s important to offer a variety of healthy foods at all times, even if your child doesn’t want to eat it. You obviously don’t want them eating cheese every meal, every day.

* There are follow-on milks on the market which are targetted at toddlers and are fortified with vitamins and minerals, however if your child is consuming a healthy and varied diet, they shouldn’t need follow-on milk.


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